Monday, 8 June 2009

Home ..

I don't even know what I should feel right now .. Maybe like an earthquake .. but in your heart ..Where your foundation ..your ground lies ..So where should you place your heart when it crumbles entirely ..I dont even wanna begin to think..

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Barter System

My funny hong kong friend made an agreement with me. So outrageous that I will never consider accepting.. ..until ...

Hongkong Friend: ''Hey, tomorrow Ive got to wake up early to go on my vacation trip, since you're studying until 6.a.m., can you wake me up at 5.30am?''

Me: "emm tonight I might be sleeping early, around 4am probably, because i'm going for badminton at 9am"
Hongkong Friend: ''Well lets make it this way, you wake me up, I'll give you 4 kiwis''

Me: "What!?! *with a disbelieve expression*
Hongkong Friend: ''Plus another 6 eggs''

Me: "DEal!!"
Then when i came back to my room.. these were at my door.

And he said he will owe me the eggs =.= these eggs are mine! (for illustration purposes)

And then he later came in my room holding a stack of dirty dishes. Saying "I'll throw in another bar of Yorkie(a chocolate bar) if you wash these for me.

He is now pushing his luck too far! ... NOH WAY!!!

This is the cheeky fella! not as decent as he looks!

Sunday, 5 April 2009


There's a common 'strategy' used by a category of people.
The category that indirectly asks for money from you.
You see them at not so busy streets, sometimes at slightly busy streets as well, outside restaurants, parks, car parks but not in the heart of the city though, because they need your attention.
The phrase goes like this :
"Hiya mate~ do you have 40p to spare? I need to make an emergency phone call but ive got not enough change''

More or less like that. Most people would just go ''sorry, no'' because we already know.
1st day of orientation, we were already enlightened and warned by the uni coordinators about this.

As I was walking out of the entrance, there was a number of people surrounding this frustrated man. He was so frustrated and angered his voice was shaking. My nature of being curious, I slowed down to eavesdrop catch these words ..''He was asking for change, but I havent got any, so I borrowed my phone to him and he ran off with it ..''
I looked at that man and his eyes were all red ..looking very anxious, like his day couldn't get worse ..until just.
Whats more saddening was ..he was limping ..
A thief stole a phone from a limp, and from his outfit, he doesn't seem well off. sigh.
You had a bad day.

Friday, 3 April 2009


exams in a month! ...Im THRILLED!! ..if you can sense the sarcasm in my words, Who wouldn't be thrilled for exams xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure everyone lovesss battling off with the books ..scattered notes and frizzy hand writing all over your paper! .........

Its the time of the year again . tuck in your shirt ..tighten your pants , and pick up your pen and paper. .........

Im so enjoying this =.= ..

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Thoughts and foreign feelings

Thoughts can really amplify a situation. Like an expanding spiral digging downwards and outwards not knowing when it will stop. Happy thoughts? I don't mind.

Emotional and sad thoughts on the other hand, are not easy to control. It burdens the brain and put you in a state of grief to no end. Here on, you seek consolation, if there's any at all, by spilling your heart out to whoever listening. Then all you need to hear is, "it's gonna be alright" and your spiral slowly comes to a halt.

I never wanted to look weak. In the past, if there were any occasions that were bad enough to get my thoughts spun, I will dwell on it no doubt, but then recuperate from it faster than how it happened.
Slowly as I grow older, the dwellings became less and less. If there are any complications, deal with it practically, rather than crying out loud on why did it happen. Maybe because I feel contented and rather look at things in a simpler way, think less complicatedly, and pursue no drama. Maybe thats part of being an adult, you become stoner by day.

I THINK there exist some people who would deliberately put themself in the emotional state of grief. I'm not sure if its true, but I think a different feeling exists simultaneously while you feel your heart clench tightly because of sadness. I know about the crying nerve related to the laughing nerve that both serves to alleviate your stress level, but this is different. That foreign feeling, as far as I remember, feels like a sense of relieve, threading that sadness out of your heart. That PROCESS, feels good! I think thats part of human's survival instinct that reminds ourselves that says''it's not the end of the world, buddy''. Maybe thats why some people are ''dramatic'. Make sense ? Don't know.

Yes, grief and weep can remind a person of being alive, maybe that is what I need to remind myself of.
Some tell me I'm heartless, I tell them I just look on the bright side of everything.. until it got too dark just now ... ha ha curious?